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The FA Cup Final Pre-Match Thread


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Did anyone see Paul Lambert on BT sport?  He picked his team for tomorrow and I'd like to know who he went for?   There's a link on newsnow but I can't view it because I'm outside the U.K. 







Using McLeish's fabled Dutch system.

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I can honestly see us losing 4-0 or 4-1 etc with them being 3-0 up by half time. I just think that Arsenal are the best at exposing teams who play an open game and with Villa opened wider than a wannabe wag's legs I fear what they will do to us tomorrow. For me, our only hope is that we can pose them such a threat that they instinctively drop deeper and don't pose such a threat at the other end. But, is "dropping deeper" an instinct of Arsenal's? I am not so sure.


I sincerely hope and pray that we win, by hook or by crook but, I cannot help but feel that Arsenal will play us off the park tomorrow by exposing the gaps we leave.

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It's funny how with each game our chances against the opposition have gradually got slimmer and slimmer yet we've still made it through.


3rd round: heavy favourites against Championship basement dwellers Blackpool

4th round: reasonably strong favourites against top of the Championship Bournemouth

5th round: favourites against then bottom of the table Leicester

QF: slight favourites against bottom 10 West Brom

SF: outsiders against top 6 Liverpool

Final: heavy underdogs against top 3rd-placed Arsenal


Just one more win...


Funnily enough, our performances have actually got more and more convincing as we've progressed.

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When the pressure has really, really been on under Tim we have turned up, big time. I think we'll do the same tomorrow.

I know people will chuck the Southampton game in as an example but I didn't and still don't consider have that to been a high stakes match - as was proved by the fact we were safe by the end of that particular afternoon.

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Last time I was this excited about a game was in '82 (at least I think I haven't, it's been a while though). I keep getting back to the moment when Rimmer left the pitch and Spink came on with one frigging match under his belt. Against Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Paul Breitner. Terrifying.

Arsenal is good, but if we won then, we sure can win now.

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