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tickets for overseas Villans


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£2,800 and the guy won't accept PayPal?

Even if he hasn't got an account, for that much dough you'd set one up.

Maybe you could ask Limpid nicely if you can start a thread in the main forum to see if there is a Villa fan in Devon who can go check it out for you? :)

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Svenne - I'm assuming you came across this guy on CraigsList - I actually spoke to him yesterday trying to get one for my Dad. I would say he is almost certainly dodgy.


Sounded a bit of a div, said he is a genuine fan but cant get to the game because he is working (OK possibly plausible) but he has four ticket available (OK possibly plausible if he has 3 season ticket holding kids but starting to get stretched now). However today the same guy has advertised that he also has 4 Club Wembley tickets available (almost impossible to believe this guy would have access to 8 tickets and even if he did why not sell the Club tickets via the offical market where they are selling instantly for £650+).


Almost certainly dodgy in my view and there is no way in the world I would be sending this guy money via any platform without seeing the tickets and having them in hand.

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Craigslist- dodgy

Western Union- cast iron dodgy

Neither are traceable in any way and I can't see why anybody with a genuine ticket would use either of them. Plenty of pictures of genuine tickets all over the net, so absolutely no way of knowing if the ones he is offering even exist. You'd be wasting travel time and money on a trip to Devon as he would have a sudden change of circumstances which would mean he can only post them.

At this stage of the game unless your prepared to deal with some sort of travel company that have a physical address and can pay credit card with some protection, or can obtain a ticket through word of mouth off a genuine fan that suddenly can't attend then forget about trying to get a ticket in advance.

Your best bet is to chance it on a ticket from a tout outside the ground.

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175 each for the guy in Devon, but we said no thanks to him yesterday, to dodgy. 


We'll see how it goes. 


AlwaysAVFC, by e-mail.


Ok  I am in Devon ask where he is and I will try to see the tickets in hnad.



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