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Lack of coordination for Villa at Wembley.


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A few questions amongst a bit of a rant.

As the tickets went on sale this morning for our game against uncertain opponents to be played on an unknown day at an unspecified time, does anyone know when the date and time is to be announced? Are the FA really going to make us wait until after the Blackburn/pool match which isn't being played until 8th April?

When replays are normally sorted within 10 days or so after the drawn match, why is the last QF being played a whole long month after the first game? Why didn't pool play Swansea at the weekend just gone (instead of insisting they played on Monday for TV), thus freeing them to play Blackburn yesterday or tonight and getting it all sorted?

Am I the only fan who finds it ridiculous that tickets (presumably the best seats for each of the price bands) are being sold before some people know whether they can go to the match? Will full refunds be given if someone can't attend due to it being on the wrong day for them? If not, will the better seats in each area be sold before those waiting to know whether they can go to the match can buy tickets?

I'm surprised this issue isn't getting anymore coverage other than a few posts in the ticket section and I'm concerned coverage will remain low if this gets moved there!

Perhaps I should ring Nicky Keye! ;)

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They couldn't have been allowed to play yesterday or tonight because of CL rules. It's stupid now that 3 of the 4 Semi Finalists are known they can't name a date. The FA are devaluing their show piece yet again. This year has been one of the best for upsets and for people talking about it but now we are down to the final few they want to showcase the best games at the best times so I believe are bowing to the TV companies as Villa v Liverpool would be the best tie but if Liverpool fall the tie involving Arsenal will be seen as the best. Jokers really. Don't think about the fans!

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It's just like Monday night when the Bradford fans were late getting to the match and it didn't result in the match kicking off later so the majority missed kick off. They don't care about the fans, just tv and the big clubs.

It's a shame because I'm certain we, Blackburn and reading care a lot more than Liverpool and arsenal fans about winning the trophy!

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I see no reason why the chelsea 5.30 game can't be moved to the now vacant (was supposed to be us and QPR) Monday night slot. Sky still get their live game and we can play our fa cup semi Saturday evening.

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benireduk, on 18 Mar 2015 - 7:30 PM, said:snapback.png

Surely it's going to be Sunday, with WBA at Palace & SHA at Watford on the Saturday?


Said this in the other thread,


I think if that was the mitigating factor it would of been announced weeks ago. You could also take the same stance with Man utd and Liverpool fans traveling down together and both playing in West London. 


I think is more to do with viewing ratings and clashing times so it don't clash with their precious Premier League games on Saturday and Sunday. 


Hold on to your hats for the most stupid 'o clock kick off times known to man, me thinks. 


Wouldn't rule out a Semi being played on the Monday night chappy. The FA are not allowed to upset Man utd or Jose!

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Can't believe the FA don't have more a backbone, and just played the Liverpool game yesterday. It's a one off, not like the FA arrange games to clash with CL every week. If the FA had anything about it, it would've been able to put together a good enough argument to UEFA for it to allow the game to have been played.


Like I say it's a one off, involves a championship club; it wouldn't have an impact on CL. Surely they would've allowed the REading Bradford game to have been on a Tuesday, had the FA shown a little bit of courage.


In regards to the Bradford game not being delayed. Games are delayed 10/15 mins all the time. due to congestion,, and other things; how the FA didn't get that game delayed a few minutes is shocking.


Fed up of people saying clubs degrade the FA cup, and lack respect to fans, but ignore the fact that the FA are the biggest culprits.

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FA Cup holders Arsenal will kick off this season’s semi-final weekend at Wembley Stadium connected by EE – on BBC One next month.

The Gunners face Reading from the Championship on Saturday 18 April with the tie kicking off at 5.20pm.

Reading v Arsenal

The FA Cup semi-final
5.20pm Saturday 18 April
Wembley Stadium connected by EE
Live on BBC One

Danny Welbeck scored the winner as Arsenal beat Manchester United 2-1 in the sixth round at Old Trafford to cement a semi-final return to Wembley for Arsene Wenger’s side.

Reading clinched their first FA Cup semi-final place since 1927 when they beat Bradford City 3-0 at the Madejski Stadium last Monday.

On Sunday 19 April Aston Villa take on either Liverpool or Blackburn Rovers at 3pm on BT Sport 1.

Villa have won the FA Cup on seven occasions and played in the very last final at old Wembley in 2000 when they were beaten 1-0 by Chelsea.

Aston Villa v Liverpool or Blackburn

The FA Cup semi-final
3pm Sunday 19 April
Wembley Stadium connected by EE 
Live on BT Sport

Blackburn Rovers and Liverpool replay at Ewood Park on Wednesday 8 April.

There will be four ticket prices for this season’s FA Cup semi-finals, starting at £33 and progressing to £43, £53 and £63 across the two ties with a £10 reduction for concessions as per each club’s own rules.

Reading, Arsenal and Aston Villa, as confirmed semi-finalists, will receive the initial club ticket allocation of 31,500.

Follow @FA on Twitter or like the official FA Cup Facebook page for all the latest news from the competition.

Read more at http://www.thefa.com/news/the-fa-cup/2015/mar/fa-cup-semi-final-dates-and-times-confirmed-190315#yUc0yjZtuHD3Jdsk.99


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