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Hi, I'm Wayne in my mid 40's and live 11,339 miles from Villa Park according to google! (I live in Auckland New Zealand, originally from Acocks Green). I went to my first game in the mid 70's and was a season ticket holder for 15 years before moving here in 1998. During the 90's up until I left I only missed 7 games home or away so was quite a shock leaving it all behind.


Last time I came home to see family was Christmas 3 years ago and I wasn't very lucky for Villa as the only game I saw us win was against Ipswich in the FA cup after witnessing the shambles againse Spurs and Chelsea.


I still watch every Villa game live on TV even if it is early morning for us and then usually phone the parents back in brum to discuss it.


I have been lurking on here for a while so thought it about time to join the fun!

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