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FA Cup Semi Final Draw


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Draw live on BBC1 & FATV, Monday March 9th Approx. 21.45pm After Utd - Arsenal game.


Liverpool or Blackburn Rovers

2 Bradford City or Reading
3 Manchester United or Arsenal
4 Aston Villa 


Ties will be played over the weekend of the 18th/19th April 2015 at Wembley Stadium 


Que Sera sera  :flag:  :hooray:  :cheers:  


PS, QPR Game (Mon 20/4/15) will now be moved so hold on to your ticket/travel plans.


New date TBC.

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Bradford or Reading please. If we lose the final against liverpool, arsenal or manu we will qualify for europe right?


I don't think so, I believe the rules have now changed since the likes of Wigan and Hull cramping UEFA's style

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Yeah i will laugh my nuts off if Blackburn beat sympathypool toady!

Sympathypool  lol love it!!!  I live in South Wales and its only now when they picking up that a few shirts are coming back out!!!!!

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