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Change one letter of a movie title - write a synopsis


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Ig! - a Neanderthal makes a wish to become a homo sapiens and then falls in love with an unattainable human female, whilst arsing about in a Toy Store.


Nowman - a silent movie satirising the culture of greed, musical accompaninments from Aled Jones.

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The Shawskank Redemption - A whore is shown the error of her ways.


Schindler's Fist - Epic about the man who saved lots of Jews by punching Nazi's dead 'ard in the face.


Lord of the Dings - Another Epic trilogy about how a man uses his Ding to save some hobbits. X rated.


Jurassic Spark - The worlds oldest electrician must become compliant in a modern, over bureaucratic world. 


Harry Spotter - A bloke called Dave finds all the Harrys in the phone book, organises a huge Harry gathering and kills them all with a spork.


Tight Club - An underground cult where accountants reveal that they all wear tights, the robot scum.


Forrest Pump - A feelgood motion picture about a forest with a severe bowel condition, a heart warming family film.


B.T - Can the electrical box engineer fix the phones so Keith can call his mom Dorothy before the live EastEnders - who killed Lucy Beale episode?? - A true thriller.


Batman the Dark Night - a film about Batman fighting the joker.. oh wait..

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That's changing the rules!


In which case


Apocalypso Now - Mike Reid takes the lead in this Vietnam War musical, that innovatively reframes the horrifying struggle through Afro-carribean beats.

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Return of the Jed: Zombie movie set in the Black County.


The Blue Brothers: Two clinically depressed brothers learn to cope with their mental illness, set to a soundtrack of "good time" Rhythm & Blues.


Passion of the Chris: A man name Chris takes us on a journey, looking at his passion for collecting ornamental frogs.

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