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Pre-Match Thread


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best Villa bench in a long time. Cant remember ever having such talented players on it

I was just thinking the same thing

I would be excited.

But our starting line up includes Gabby and Weimann.

It's no good our bench being good if our starting line up is garbage.

Benteke should be back in and Sanchez aswell. Hopefully Cleverley never plays for us again.

Lamberts dropped him after pressure from the media and fans. He went to talk to Guadiola after getting slated for our shit possession stats.

He has absolutely no idea what he's doing.

2-1 to Hull to tonight

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We've been so poor for so long that I can't pick what would be my first XI anyway. The best I can say is that I don't hate this team selection on the face of it, although I think we'll always be struggling for goals if Gabby is playing upfront on his own. 

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I've been very confident all day, really looking forward to it. Now, the nerves have kicked in and all my previous confidence is gone.

I'm ok with the team selection. Would perhaps have picked Benteke but it is a perfectly reasonable decision to drop him again.

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