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Next 6 League Games


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The next 6 league games will define our season and whether or not we stay in the league.


Hull City {A}

Stoke City {H}

Newcastle United {A}

West Bromwich Albion {H}

Sunderland {A}

Swansea City {H}


How many points do you think we will pick up?


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If and a BIG If we play like today we can easily get 10-12

12 points in 20 and you think we can get that in 6 games?  Even playing like today i don't see much chance of a turn around like that.


Optimistic 7 points from those fixtures.

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I'll go along with 7 or 8, which at least gives us a fighting chance, although no more than that. Bear in mind that when you drop points against the teams around you, they gain points. We really need to avoid losing to Hull, Albion and Sunderland. We have our fixtures at a bad time this season - it's best to be playing the Stokes and Newcastles in mid-table obscurity as close to the end of the season as possible, when they're basically already on holiday. March is too early, they still have ambitions of Europe. 

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6 at most, perhaps 4 being realistic. 


We did so well with our last run of 'winnable' games didn't we?

I'd say 3 draws, we are that bad. Horrendous...will have to play Scum and Dog Heads next season the way we are going

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Looking like a few draws there for me, certainly no one would bat an eyelid if we draw at home to West Brom and Stoke for instance but we desperately need to win ideally two games.


We need to be over 30 points at the end of that run which on current form is a big ask but can be done for example if we win on Tuesday. It will look a look easier then.


I agree if we are in the bottom 3 after that run we will do down as look what we have in April, away games in Manchester and at Spurs. We need to have a decent buffer over the bottom 3 going into that month.

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