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Improving the Villa Park 'experience'?


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A new subject to discuss that might pull us away from the very depressing now!


Getting back from the Arsenal game I was trying to think of anything but the match so started thinking about the experience, the stadium and the 'show'. Maybe I was trying to attach some worth to the amount of money I'd spent!


Anyway, first time at the Emirates. Obviously has the benefit of being modern and them having a lot of money! Impressed with the seats above all else, didn't know you could be comfortable on stadium seats!


So, what would you like to see improved at Villa Park (not including team/ manager etc!)


My list;

Stadium seats - Arsenal's were padded!

Stadium announcements - every away game shows how crap our pa system is.

Internal 'design' - nothing major needs to happen for a lick of paint.


What else would you like improved? Or, dare we be positive; what do you think Villa Park does well?

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an american franchise owner shouldn't need free advice on the entertainment package on offer


£27 to watch that crap?


I'll happily go back to standing on cinders with no restaurant facilities and no merchandise in the shop if we could just win a game.

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They could improve the match day experience by having watchable football by the home side on more than 25% of occasions. This hasn't happened since 2010. Villa Park is a cracking stadium which does not need much change. I I have been to plenty of away grounds which are far worse than ours. t's the guff on the pitch and the bored owner which do.

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Any talk of a stadium 'experience' is only concerned with corporate events. 


If the queues for getting beers at half time are too long such that you don't bother and just stay in your seat, then they might change the fans' Villa Park experience. Otherwise provided you shuffle in and out with minimum fuss and deposit your £50, they're content. The fans enjoyment of the non-pitch experience is about on par with, in terms of importance, the scent of the urinal cakes used in the corporate box bathrooms.

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