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For some reason, logging into either of the email accounts I've got attached to references tells me I haven't got any history at all. Anybody care to lend a hand?

I suggest contacting the ticket office to sort it out - it's better to get it sorted than have to ask, really.


Just a general reminder of the site's guidelines on offering or asking for ticket references (which no-one's broken here, but for reference)


Established members .. may occasionally post that they have a personally held ticket for sale where they cannot attend a game. Tickets must be offered or requested for no more than face value. VillaTalk plays no part in any trade, other than being a forum where people are able to post information. VillaTalk regards the offering of client references in a similar manner. You can occasionally offer your own client ref, but not multiple references and not often. VillaTalk will not permit multiple repeat sellers or the advertising for sale of tickets or use of client references not belonging to the poster.
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