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Whatever you think of the manager in general, you cannot ignore the awful individual player performances today. Sanchez in particular has been horrendous, giving the ball away, lackadaisical, lazy passing. Richardson tripped himself up under no pressure for their second. The players have to take responsibility today.

When does the manager take some?
Every game the same old lame excuses. It's always the players and never the manager. Pathetic.
But nobody has said that? What is pathetic is you saying you'd like us to lose by a bigger margin JUST so Lambert gets more stick.
Except for the original post which put the responsibility solely on the players.
the original post, mine, said whatever you think of him in general, indicating that I was talking about this match entirely in isolation, where the individual performances have been shocking. I even used the word 'today'.

Fair enough. But do you really think that today's performance is entirely down to the players? Do you really think that tactics, coaching and formation have no influence?

I hear you can't question coaching and tactics because you don't spend time at the training ground.



True. Obviously Lambert is telling them all to play brilliantly and then the players are going out on the pitch and ignoring him and playing how they want rather than following their manager's instructions.

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Danny Mills telling it like it is.


"Westwood, Sanchez and Cleverley are just average players that mill around the middle of the pitch"


Brilliant punditry - £10m midfield made to look average by £150m midfield


They look average in every game, not just today.

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So, shall we sell Benteke for the 30 mill bid that's arriving?

LOL u think we'll get 30m for him

Well be lucky to get 20

Well be relegated and he will go for 15

I don't know how to get the sarcasm sign on iPad, sorry.

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Stick to keeping it tight at the back Lambert and play players that can play football, not athletes like Richardson and Cleverley



Players that do more running than playing football, that when it comes to doing something productive with the ball they look lost and only offer their work rate.

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