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We are a laughing stock. 


Without my Villa bias - I really cannot understand how Lambert is still in a job. We have consistently been one of the worst 5 teams in the league since he came. 


While the players must take responsibility - it is down to who he picks, when he picks them and how he instructs them to play week in week out which ultimately has us in this position.


I honestly do not know what else to say. Club is rotten from the core.

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Whatever you think of the manager in general, you cannot ignore the awful individual player performances today. Sanchez in particular has been horrendous, giving the ball away, lackadaisical, lazy passing. Richardson tripped himself up under no pressure for their second. The players have to take responsibility today.

When does the manager take some?
Every game the same old lame excuses. It's always the players and never the manager. Pathetic.

But nobody has said that? What is pathetic is you saying you'd like us to lose by a bigger margin JUST so Lambert gets more stick.

Except for the original post which put the responsibility solely on the players.

the original post, mine, said whatever you think of him in general, indicating that I was talking about this match entirely in isolation, where the individual performances have been shocking. I even used the word 'today'.

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It's ok, it's Arsenal away, what do you guys expect, a win?!

I said it first.


we have a better away record at the emirates than any other club so strangely, yes i did...


Any other club apart from United and Chelsea

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