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Weekends football FA Cup 4rh Round & Championship 24/25 January


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FA Cup 4th Round

Cambridge Utd v Man Utd 7.55 BBC 1


FA Cup 4th Round

Blackburn v Swansea BBC Wales Channel 971

Small Heath v Albion

Cardiff v Reading

Chelsea v Bradford

Derby v Chesterfield

Man City v Middlesbrough

Preston v Sheff Utd

Sunderland v Fulham

Southampton v Palace

Spurs v Leicester

Liverpool v Bolton 5.30 BT Sport

FA Cup Highlights 10.25 BBC 1


Norwich v Brentford

Watford v Blackpool

Wigan v Huddersfield

Wolves v Charlton

FLS 11.55


FA Cup 4rh Round

Bristol City v West Ham 2pm BBC 1

Brighton v Arsenal 4pm BT Sport

FA Cup Highlights 10.25 BBC 1


FA Cup 4th Round

Rochdale v Stoke 8pm BT Sport

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  • VT Supporter

The final is apparently on Gerrard's birthday, I think I'll leave the country if they get that far

If they did and Rodgers left him on the bech it would be flipping hilarious










wouldn't happen though

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Since the one thing we all love about sport is the ongoing narrative, I thought I'd just chuck a link up to a Guardian article looking back at a not-too-historical clash between Manchester City and Middlesbore.  Sven's City were thumped 8-1 on the final day of the 2008 season to Gareth Southgate's 'Boro.


I still can't believe that was nearly 7 years ago (aside for nearly forgetting Sven was actually in charge "back in the day"), seeing what's happened to both teams since then - along with some of the players mentioned in the piece (Tuncay eh, never did hit the heights of that one Football Manager '08 save I had) - makes slightly fascinating reading*, if not an interesting thread with which to spin the weekends stories with.


* As long as you don't think too hard about what happened to Boro, during their time of cutbacks and austerity. Under a manager who appeared out of his depth, only able to get a team of youngsters to perform against the bigger teams, struggling to play well against those in the relegation mix around them and eventually succumbing to relegation the following year... **


** Not that I'm suggesting ANYTHING here.

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  • VT Supporter

Can someone please score in the utd game.

One thing I hate about the fa cup, these small time crowds screaming when there side gets into the opposition half. Or the ironic cheers when the bigger side misses something.

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Ah, the old "bring £50m worth of players off the bench" tactic.  Will it prove effective against a bunch of players who were playing non league football last season?

I thought Falcao was supposed to be one of the best players in world football?



He was. :detect:

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