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David Ginola to run against Blatter


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Blimey. Didn't see that coming. Best of luck to him!




Former France international David Ginola says he will stand against Sepp Blatter for the Fifa presidency.


Despite the announcement, it is not certain Ginola will actually be able to carry through his intention.

He needs the support of five football associations and must show active involvement in football for two of the past five years to be eligible.

Ginola, 47, is being backed by a betting firm with whom he has arranged a news conference in London on Friday.

He served as an ambassador for England's failed bid to host the 2018 World Cup.

A spokeswoman for the former Newcastle and Tottenham midfielder said: "We will be looking for the full support of Uefa and five football associations."





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Needs to be someone credible standing against Blatter.  Something like this will not only mean Blatter will win easily but could reinforce his tenure for many years.  How very disappointing

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Football Weekly raised the point this week that Ginola (and presumably Figo) aren't eligible to run anyway. A candidate must have 2 years experience of working in Football Administration.


They also explained how Prince Ali is just a puppet for UEFA and in reality has absolutely no chance of winning.


It'll be Blatter again.

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All seems a bit to staged for me. Blatter has the backing of a vast amount of fifa members, doesn't matter if he doesn't have the backing of England if you have Suriname voting for him, but he is keen to show he can be re-elected going against other people, something which didn't happen in 2010? When he was elected with no challangers

So a few people are put up against him, 2 of which dont have the necessary credentials and the rest are already involved in fifa and already part of the problem.

As for sepp saying he should be allowed to complete his "mission". Just what the feck is this mission?

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I think Blatter has certain groups of confederations tied up. Africa, Asia, Middle East. I think the challengers credible or not will just dilute the vote between them rather than steal any of Blatters stable. 


FIFA from top to bottom is structured around Blatter and the way he operates, its going to take more than just removing him to change it. The whole organisation needs a refit from the way it votes, to the power of nations and its political transparency.


However Blatter has done some very good things for world football in my opinion, its no surprise the small nations back him as he has done good work with academies and funding for developing nations. (However it is easier to bribe a poor nation.)


Not going to pretend I know anything about the candidates, just get old Sepp out. 

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