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I'm not convinced that any of the Incognito twitters are legit.

One of them is. Go back and read his posts from when Lambert was appointed.


I know there is a general mistrust of self-proclaimed ITKs and anything from Twitter (which is absolutely justified) but this guy is legit.



He may well be but then again I think he/she might have a bit of a cold reading thing going on, like a so called pyschic.


Based on what? He only ever comes out of the woodwork in times of great uncertainty so it's not like he's some idiot trying to make predictions. It's pretty clear that it's an unofficial channel from the club to the fans when something like a manager search is taking place.

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What a totally uninspiring appointment Sherwood would be, hopefully interviewing a few people and Sherwood is just first and will be looked over eventually. I'm not expecting anything special but Sherwood? A man with less than six months managerial experience in our time of need.....no thanks

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I think I'm caught up.


Sherwood is looking more and more likely.


Obviously I'm not very happy about that.

But if it's him he'll get a clean slate from me and I'll back him with all my might to keep us up.


But I can't pretend I'm not very very worried about our Premier League status now.

I'll be sticking a wager on us going down to soften the blow.


I hope it's not him. But if it is, good luck to him and long live the gilet.  :flag:



(on a side note, I was playing poker with friends tonight. One of them is a Spurs fan. When I got the text that Sherwood was looking very likely, I read it out and he laughed. In my face. Not just a chuckle, like a full on belly laugh.

So that was reassuring)

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Guys what did you expect it's not like there's a lot of options out there?

I expected us to find a manager that didn't fail to tick every box I assumed would be on the checklist for potential managers.


Maybe that was wishful thinking.


Pretty much. I still would've taken Sherwood over Lambert (although long-term I think Lambert is a far better manager overall) but even someone like Hoddle would've made more sense to me.

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Ok first of all 


"Hoddle says he has had 26 serious management offers but insists he will not return to management until the academy is able to run itself"


How you expect someone like that to be realistic is beyond me.


But he hasn't managed since 2006. Do you know how much football has changed since 2006? I can't imagine someone who hasn't managed in 9 years surviving in the modern game. 

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But Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


Just imagine Fox had an eye on Mark Warburton and/or Paco Jemez. Brentford's Board got wind of it, then suddenly they send out a "Mark has a few clubs sniffing so we're also checking out someone like Paco Jemez as you never know in football" F***You Villa message.


All happened on the day of the "ok, one last chance Paul" Hull game & Brentford v Watford.


Fox surely had to start sniffing if he'd earmarked the Hull game as a "Sack or Stick" hand.


I personally think that Big Sam would keep us up and keep us ticking over till Lerner sells.

We missed a trick with Pulis, but the "Get out clause" is very interesting.

Jemez or Prandelli would be fantastic

Warburton, although high risk, seems to know what he's doing.

Sherwood, swings me back and forth reading all the posts, but it wouldn't be boring for sure.




1 We were going down with Lambert had he stayed


2 Anybody with a grain of tactics will do better than Lamberts last 19/20 games


3 We got 13 games for whoever it is to show some balls - 4 wins & 4 draws before we go to Southampton or we'll be shitting bricks


(4 wins from - Stoke Toon WBA S'land Swansea QPR or Everton) & (4 Draws from Stoke Toon S'land Swansea Everton or WH) Bold more likely

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Klinsmann has never proven himself at club level so is also a massive risk if we went for him. Anyone who we go for will have negatives


True but I think it's better to go for somebody that is as small a risk as possible, given the situation we find ourselves in. 

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