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The ISIS threat to Europe

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Crushingly sad news.

It's so sick that people are such evil idiots that they allow their ideology to rule their actions.

I'd also like to add my condolences to the Muslims also killed by ISIS in Iraq today.

Radicalisation is a total scourge on the planet.

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Just now, Chindie said:

That death toll will rise. The attackers will not be taken alive, for a start, unless they've planned this well enough that they can go to ground, assuming they even want that eventuality.

I think its fair to assume that they will not want to be taken alive and will in fact be after their reward in the next life for their glorious actions. Pricks.



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Reports French security forces are assaulting at least one location now, the confusion must be horrendous in such a complex environment. I hope they manage to kill these guys before they roll up on new locations and start again.

Cynical head on: Marine le Penn was already leading in the polls, I'd expect her numbers to rise considerably after this.



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