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The ISIS threat to Europe

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it would be interesting to see how you could extrap the findings of a survey:


should we just bomb the **** out of all the middle east and be done with it?


get that question answered by a few hundred people on the streets of Paris, New York, London and Brussels and see what % of 'the west' want armageddon


if it comes out as 0.05% that'll be quite a lot


I fear that it would come out at about 30%.


I fear that it would come out at about 80%!


Do a small poll maybe on here just to see ?

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I don't think it would work on here, we have a disproportionately high number of good left thinking individual hipsters that are too cool for school.


Plus, we'd spend the next 18 months arguing over the wording of the question and whether there was an apostrophe. Oh,and at least 2 people would only vote for the bombing if it was accompanied by Ride of the Valkyries and some moody slo mo.


Slo mo you say,  hmmm.

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Just now, snowychap said:

Reports of quite a few dead (18 in one place according to a French TV station) from shootings/explosion in bars in Paris. Also hostages taken in a concert, apparently.

Multiple coordinated and simultaneous attacks, I wonder who might be responsible....

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Tried watching some of it on CNN but they've managed to have a headline about people dead after shooting in Paris posted above an advert on loop of football fans jumping around celebrating.

Dickhead CNN driven by advertising regardless of what's breaking.

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3 minutes ago, AshVilla said:

It really is a miracle that nothing happens like that over here are our intelligence services just that good?

Very good security services, a dose of luck and much more difficult to obtain automatic weapons (god bless the English Channel). European mainland is awash with weapons coming out of the Balkans and very few borders to intercept them in transit.

EDIT: but we won't be lucky for ever, as operations by the PIRA demonstrated.

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