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The God, The Brad and the ugly


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2014. What sort of year has it been?


Positives: Performances at home against Chelsea, away to Liverpool.


Negatives: More long periods where we cannot win, two cup upsets to lower league teams.


Best player in 2014 (which of course spans two seasons!): Delph.


Hopes for 2015? - Finish in the top 10 and a cup run, build on this for the next season (15/16).


What else have we got? How would you rate the year?



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At times I wanted to weep, at times I wanted to see the world burn, at times I wanted to sit in a darkened room and shuit out the entire world.

...but alas, I think we are through the worst of it. Lambert's 'big money' buys are fit, with Kozak to add hopefully soon.

We have added what I believe, in comparison to the previous dross, is genuine quality in Hutton, Cissokho, Sanchez and Benteke.

Now just to get Bent, Zog and Given off the books and we can add even more.



We are going to win the FA cup man.

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best word for the year is probably frustrating, everytime we looked like moving forward we stalled though I still think the fixtures didnt help in our last slump


Best player - Guzan


Worst player - Gabby, would be Bent but hasnt played much for us so benefit of doubt on this


most improved - Hutton


hopes for 2015 - a cup run and no relegation battle be a good start


best performance - Chelsea 


best game- beating West Brom at start of january


worst game - QPR hands though Stoke last season wasnt pretty or Palace or Fulham

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Are we talking hopes or expectations ?


I don't really see much hope of any long term improvement - a couple of brilliant individual goals from Benteke may have lifted our spirits - but in terms of our team carving out chances - well its still a bit sparse on that front - We generally don't score more than one goal a game, and rarley score at all in the second half - despite the improved defence - clean sheets are still pretty rare.


My hope is that we aren't relegation candidates - my expectation is that we will be in the mix with a few games to go......



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Lambert's transfers in the summer

Delph finally getting the recognition he deserves at international level

Hutton finally showing why he was called the 'Scottish Cafu' and, despite the way he was treated, not badmouthing the club/players/manager

Okore- I don't think I've seen a more naturally gifted defender since God, he has a long way to go to get to that level, but I hope it is with us



The Keane debacle

Injuries- Benteke, Okore, Kozak, Delph, Vlaar- we have very rarely put our best starting XI out

Lack of width and an inability to change the way we play in a game (although the last few weeks are looking like we are moving in the right direction

The fact that Bent, NZogbia, Given are still robbing a living of us- not their fault and I don't blame them, but the fact that their wages could be so much better spent elsewhere is killing us

Delph/Vlaar contracts

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