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All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

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27 minutes ago, HanoiVillan said:

Probably only I find this funny, but I was idly thinking about Godzilla v Kong when I spotted this album cover:


I saw it and thought they must be Hawaii's answer to Waddle and Hoddle

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11 minutes ago, Ingram85 said:

What the hell is with the bandanna colours?! And why have they been to the sewers of Harry Potters world? So many questions.

This was discussed at length in the WhatsApp chat where I received it.

You’ve actually almost answered your own question. It turns out the bandanas are the colours of the Hogwarts’ houses, so the person who’s done this has basically said that “Well if Raphael went to Hogwarts, he’d definitely be in Slytherin.” 

I am reasonably uneducated when it comes to all things Potter, so this was news to me.

Quite why the person who made the Mr T joke decided to use this Harry Potter influenced version of the ninja turtles is still unclear.

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On 05/04/2021 at 21:10, mjmooney said:

It's inaccurate of course. Should be Doctor Brown Bear (or possibly Nurse Miss Rabbit). 

Exactly the reason I can't like it. We all know Doctor Brown Bear would be the man for the job. He attends the most basic of ailments, such as a cough or the like. 

I'd you're going to do a picture like this, get it right. 

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