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All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

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1 hour ago, NurembergVillan said:


You're aware this is the funny pics thread, and not the depressingly true one.

Don't worry haha, I've already bought my bag of cement and am ready to harden up.

Next I'll get a bag of feathers and hopefully lighten up too 😀

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So this guy was selling garage doors or somesuch at a county fair in L.A. I got this from a facebook acqauintance.

The shirt allegedly says: "All Americans need to know how to use both of these" (gun and bible)

And "None of which are taught in schools".

I'm still staggered at how cabbagey some folk are over there.

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10 minutes ago, chrisp65 said:

You’d need either an elephant gun or an IQ in double figures to take him down.

That was the gist of the comments section below the pic

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