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Friday night games 2016/2017 Season


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Was only a matter of time £££££££

The Premier League will introduce Friday night kick-offs from 2016-17 as they look to cash in on another record multi-billion pound television deal.

There will be up to 10 Friday night fixtures as part of the new agreement, as revealed by the Sunday Mirror, which will see more matches televised than ever before.

Rights will be sold for 168 live games, up from the current 154, and the value is set to way exceed the £3billion sold in the 2012 auction.

The Premier League will sell five packages of 28 games, with a further two packages of 14 each. No single broadcaster will be allowed to purchase more than 126 of the matches available.

Sky currently boast the majority of fixtures in the current deal with 116, but BT Sport is expected to increase on its total of 38.

The live television blackout period of 2.45pm to 5.15pm every Saturday will remain, despite some moves for it to be abolished.


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Kind of inevitable. In fairness it's only 10 games a season, although it's sure to increase for the next package.


I fully understand why people will be annoyed with this, although I have to say I'm not a season ticket holder nor likely to become one in the near future so I'm not too fussed. 

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Friday night football is fantastic, nothing better then a game under lights after a weeks work with the weekend still ahead. Obviously if the Premier League cared they'd make it that only games between local teams would be on Friday nights, clearly there's fat chance of that happening.

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This was just weird...

Today in the office I casually said "wouldn't it be good if there was a PL game on a Friday night" as the prospect of a full night home alone loomed.

An hour later they announced this!

Fast work from the PL but not fast enough for this evening sadly.

Not good for those who actually go to games though.

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I'm neither here nor there about Friday nights but the prospect of PL rights going out for bidding again is nothing but bad news for the fan. All the broadcasters will fall over themselves to offer mega money, they'll then need to make a profit so prices for the consumer go up and up.

Basically £1000 a year now for sky TV, Internet and phone with sports. Massive piss take and close to breaking point for me especially when they lose the Champions League (which you can guarantee will not be accompanied by a price drop)

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Lots of reasons not to like this, some which affect me and some which don't. For all the impact it'll have on Villa matches I don't really care. The game's gone anyway.

But we could do without another game or two a season where not going is the easy decision for 10,000 people who can watch it on the box in the warm.

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I don't think they want to go up against shit like the X Factor.   Maybe it will happen one day, but to go up against such a huge show while most of their target audience are down the pub is very risky.  Maybe it will happen one day but the domestic market just isn't ready for Saturday night football yet. 

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With only ten instances, I'd bet that the league pretty much only schedules clubs playing in the CL the next Tuesday (that's generally how the other leagues which have regular Friday night games do it)

Ligue 1 Friday nighters this season:

8 August: Reims-PSG

15 August: Caen-Lille

22 August: Evian-PSG

Tuesday 26: Lille in CL

29 August: Marseille-Nice

12 September: Lyon-Monaco

Tuesday 16: Monaco in CL

19 September: Bordeaux-Evian

Tuesday 30: PSG in CL

3 October: Reims-Bordeaux

17 October: Lens-PSG

Tuesday 21: PSG in CL

24 October: Toulouse-Lens

Tuesday 28: Lens, Toulouse (among others) in French League Cup

31 October: Monaco-Reims

Tuesday 4 November: Monaco in CL

7 November: Rennes-Lorient

21 November: Metz-PSG

Tuesday 25: PSG in CL

28 November: Marseille-Nantes

Tuesday 2 December: Marseille, Nantes (among others) in league games

5 December: Toulouse-Monaco

Tuesday 9: Monaco in CL

12 December: Lyon-Caen

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