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International Cricket Captain (2014)


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I downloaded this game on my phone about three weeks ago, and I am hooked!


For those of you who have played the game before, you won't need an introduction. It is pretty much the same.


For those of you who have not played it, think FM for Cricket, well you know what I mean.


The only issue so far has been with rain. Perfect sun for the whole of a game (county), playing as Warwickshire, it gets to the last day with me needing to bowl the opposition out and each match so far has had ridiculous amount of rain on the last day (not forecast) which left each match as a draw. It felt as though it was deliberate by the game to thwart me...


Other than that, great fun!


Runs smoothly, great match engine, great sounds, plays really well. You really have to think about field placements, where to bowl etc.


I think it is £6.99 on Android. Worth every penny.


Not sure on OS cost.

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