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Assistant manager


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He's being appointed as First Team Coach, not Assistant Manager, I would worry too much about it!


Isn't that basically the same thing?



Nope, very different roles, a first team coach will be helping with training implementing what the manager and the assistant manager tell him to do. An assistant manager will have an input on selection and tactics as well as being involved in the training of the first team.


We'll have a few first team coaches you'd think, Robson is one of them, no news on assistant to Sherwood?

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People pay too much attention to the titles to be honest.


They're flexible. Our next assistant manager might have a completely different role to the role Keane had.

And that might be completely different to the other 19 assistant managers in the premier league.


Same with managers. Some do loads of coaching, some do no coaching.


They are very flexible job titles. We won't know how much training/coaching anyone does unless we get to see training

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