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January Transfer Speculation 2015

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For a few games until the novelty wears off and then they're back to being the same old again.


Maybe that will be enough to keep us up. 



I suppose it depends on whether you think it would worth the upheaval, If you think Lambert will take us down then of course it would be. But I still think Lambert can keep us safe, although I wish we'd hurry up and get on with it.


Wouldn't mind Dempsey on loan.


I think Dempsey might be a good signing too.

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The only evidence I have is that if the season were to end now we wouldn't be relegated and the fact that he hasn't taken us down in his previous seasons or Norwich. It's not really evidence though I guess because nothing can be evident until it has already happened.


Let's sign some good players to help us out.

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Apparently scouts at Bordeaux v Nice last night haven't got a clue who we'd be looking at!!


I don't think scouts purely watch just one player all the time...



...could be wrong though!

That's why I put I wouldn't know who we'd be looking at! I assume in a transfer window they'd be looking at specific players though

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