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Relegation v4.0


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Its mid-November and im shocked this years' annual goodtimes thread hasn't been created. So allow me. I was born in 87', which im lead to believe was the last time this painful experience happened to you "older" heads. Could well be a reality come next year.

Is it finally our time? Going to take some good luck and some drastic changes to swerve it this time in my honest opinion.

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My perspective is this has become an ever present sword hanging over my life.


A few years ago it felt like the worst thing that could happen. Last year it felt like we would deserve it if it did happen.


This year it feels like it will inevitably happen at some point so whether it is this year, next year or the following year is no big deal.



ps If Benteke stays fit then I think we'll stay up this year. What happens when him, Vlaar and Delph leave I do not know.

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I've been steady in predicting somewhere between 17th and 19th and that's what I continue to expect. 


Also, shouldn't this thread be v5.0? We were sat in the bottom three most of the Houllier year too. We're going to go down sooner or later, it really is just a matter of time. After Vlaar, Delph and Benteke leave we're going to be in real trouble, but it could still happen this season anyway. 

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Predicted us 15th and are no reason to change that yet. I am concerned though cause we are most often not very good to put it politely.  I don't dread relegation anymore as much as I used to thanks to Sky and there ruining of football. Lets be honest, we would win many more games in the Championship and maybe even play some good football. Maybe we would enjoy that more than the last 4 seasons.

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Welcome in a corrupt billionaire Qatari nutcase in the Summer and all will be well.


**** the Champions League, spend seven-hundred million on players every window for three seasons and they'll soon scrap FFP when the world's best players are all at Villa not playing in it.


99% of the world has total apathy towards Aston Villa at the moment, probably about 90% of the fan base to go with that. We won't be missed when we drop.

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Relegation chances according to the Monte Carlo

Burnley: 72.6%

Villa: 55.8%

QPR: 46.1%

Leicester: 35.7%

Palace: 30.8%

Hull: 26.3%

WBA: 8.2%

Newcastle: 7.2%

Sunderland: 6.5%

Liverpool: 3.8%

Stoke: 3.3%

Spurs: 1.9%

Everton: 1.1%

West Ham: 0.3%

Man Utd: 0.3%

Arsenal: 0.1%

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We'll stay up again 







































































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If I wasn't an Aston Villa fan, it would be the club I would most want to see relegated

Cant argue with that.

Always used to look through the league and say who I'd want to or expect to get relegated as they add nothing to the league, we're well and truly one of those teams now.

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