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Watering holes near the ground


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There aren't too many pubs near the ground, as the town centre is about a mile and a bit in the opposite direction. A lot of Villa fans drink in the Jewellry Quarter and get the train in.

As mentioned most go there and then get train or town then train. You won't get a drink near there ground 99.9%
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The Villa Rose is usually popular, which is in the middle of the Jewellry Quarter by the clock island.


If you're stopping in the city centre, then you can jump on a tram at Snow Hill station up to the JQ or you can alternatively walk. If you do walk, then still head to Snow Hill, but walk down the left hand side of the station down Livery Street. You will go past  a pub called the Old Contemptables, which is a nice one too. They do great sausage and mash in there.


You'll need to walk under the main road and up the hill on the otherside. You can either angle left through St Pauls or turn left at the College of Law. From the JQ, you can either get the tram to the Hawthorns or the train to the same station.

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