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Sir William Dugdale (1922-2014)


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There is a case for putting this topic in an existing thread or even in a different forum, but I think it belongs here.  Sir William Dugdale, one of the great figures in Aston Villa history, chairman of the club during it's most successful period of the modern era (1975-1982) died today.  Rest in peace. 

Doug Ellis has led tributes to former Aston Viilla Chairman Sir William Dugdale – the uncle of David Cameron – who has died, aged 92

The former Grand National jockey was in charge of the club during its most successful period in modern times, culminating in the European Cup triumph in 1982.

The football figure, who lived in Atherstone, Warwickshire, had also taken the future Prime Minister to his first Villa Park game when he was 13.

Sir William fought in the Second World War, gaining the rank of Captain in the Grenadier Guards and was a practising solicitor in 1949 before also enjoying success as a jockey, riding the Grand National in 1953.

He was chairman of Villa from 1975 to 1982, the year the club enjoyed a 1-0 win over Bayern Munich to lift the European Cup. He was preceded and succeeded in office by his great soccer rival and friend, Sir Doug Ellis.

During his long and successful business career Sir William also became chairman of General Utilities as well as head of the National Water Council.

He had married Lady Belinda Pleydell-Bouverie in 1952 and the couple had four children. He later wed second wife Cecilia Mary Mount in October 1967 and two further kids followed.
Sir William Dugdale and Doug Ellis in 1978 
Sir Doug Ellis led the tributes to Sir William last night and said: “We had difference of opinion from time to time about Aston Villa but he was a good friend.

“We were both keen at one stage on race horses. I had 15 horses and he helped me a lot, for he had raced in the Grand National.
“I’m very sad to hear he has gone.”

He added: “As a man Bill was a typical squire of the country, he lived in a mansion, he lived the life. Riding in the Grand National was his particular rise to fame.”

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Backed Sanders over Doug so deserves some reflected glory. Every time you look at the North Stand, Dugdale was the guy who asked for the 2 levels of boxes- clubs like Spurs followed us. Well that is according to Villa Park 100 year book I have got at home. Certainly lived a full and interesting life. RIP.

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