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Why is it so hard for us to keep possession?

Too many technically poor players?

This is a premier league team, surely we should be able to keep possession for more than 1 minute?

Ffs Guzan risky



Of course we should, but we can't which is why we HOOOOOOFFF.

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How in the flying **** does Grealish not at least get on the bench in front of some of this mob!?

Bringing Grealish into this wouldn't help us or him. The tactics and set-up are the problem. Swapping one of our 'senior' players for an inexperienced youngster would probably make things worse.


It benefits him more by sitting at home than being at least on the bench? Hmmm ok then.

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I think I'm understanding this tactic now...It's not that we don't want the ball, it's that we're showing so much contempt for Wet Spam that we're betting them that even with all the ball they can't beat us.


We'll score right at the end to prove our point, you just watch!

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