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Our Next 5 Games...


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So, our next 5 games are;


Spurs (H) -L

West Ham (A) - L

Southampton (H) - D

Burnley (A) - W

Crystal Palace (A) -L



I seriously think we are in huge huge trouble. I can see 4 points out of that.


How many points do you think we will get?

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I always think that any team with flair players will beat us.  As such, I think it'll be;


Spurs - L

West Ham - D or W (!)

Southampton - D or L

Burnley - W

C Palace - W or D


so a minimum of 6, a maximum of 10 :D


So you think that Burnley have flair players and, maybe West Ham and Crystal palace too. But, you don't think that Spurs or Southampton have any - each to their own I guess!

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I guess it depends on whether Burnley have won their first game by the time they play us. If they haven't then Benevolent FC will no doubt oblige. If we get more than 3 points from this run of fixtures it will be a surprise.

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