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Pre-Match Thread


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We seldom beat Spurs at home these days and we look unlikely to beat anyone at the moment or to even score a goal.


We need to stop the rot but we needed to do that on Monday as well and failed to do so.


I would take a point as I said on Monday. I guess it would need to be 0-0 but although I think we look good for 0 I doubt we will be able to keep our part of the bargain with a clean sheet. Desperate days and looking at 6 defeats in a row but show some fight Villa and prove us wrong!  

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0-3 defeat. Id wager the only player dropped will be Sanchez, who cost us a chance of getting of getting anything out the qpr game but was still probably our best player in that game. The sacred cows of gabby and weimann will once again be given 90 minutes to walk around the pitch offering nothing whilst guzan launches balls in the general direction of benteke.

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Even if we were playing really well, we'd still lose to Spurs.


Heavy defeat, unfortunately.


Aha! Ben (can I call you Ben?) you said we would beat QPR..


I see.


We shall beat Spurs!


3-1 Villa.


Alas, I usually think we'll lose most games, and we do.


So I'm not sure your logic is going to work :(

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