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What are you drinking?  

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  1. 1. What are you drinking?

    • Guinness, of course. Are you mad?
    • Carlsberg. It's not just for reds fans anymore!
    • Amstel. If it's good enough for the CL, it's good enough for me!
    • Strongbow. Leeds fans love it and I do to!
    • A local brew. Nothin' beats 'em.
    • One ice cold Coca-Cola for me, please!
    • Other

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I thought this was long overdue (unless i missed a similar thread)...

So, It's any given saturday and you're in your favorite local spot with your best mates. The Villa are about to trounce some no-name club to secure our european spot for next season... what are you drinking?

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anyone tried that new Kronenbourg Blanc on draught??

it's absolutely gorgeous. has a hint of Peaches to it's taste. V tasty and a must for a hot summers day. :P

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Love a guiness me... Carlsberg i drank in denmark, naturally, on monday... bloomin' expensive in there but larrrge...

i voted for coca cola but i prefer pepsi max if i have to.. however... give me an hour and a half and i'll be up town supping on a cold one, bitter shandy that is :) i'm drivin'

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