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From the BBC website:

" The Weasel: Who's that marauding down the right for Aston Villa? He reminds me of a certain German full-back. It's Hutton dressed as Lahm"


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Benteke for that useless **** up front at HT please

Bit harsh shitting on Weimann when he's the only one up front against world class centre-backs.

Yep, we are playing not to lose and this means we have one man isolated. Would have worked better with Gabby's pace.

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Just then for example - no support at all. 


Exactly, needs N'Zogbia or someone making a run to offer an option -- no choice but to try to go it alone.



Yeah and Charles isn't really doing his job there - I think he's supposed to be linking up midfield and attack but he doesn't seem to really know where to put himself. 

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