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That's right folks, you read the thread title correctly.


My childhood consisted of various favours of RPG's: Zelda (SNES), Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Phantasy Star III, Shining in the Darkness. Chrono Trigger I did not ever play, despite kids at school saying it was the one to get.


Cue 2014, the top level iMac, OpenEMU and a Saitek P2600 controller that looks a bit like a PS2/3 dual shock controller.


I know absolutely nothing about Chrono Trigger at all. But if anyone does, share some tips. With no spoilers, obviously.

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Great stuff. Don't really have any tips though.

I do think Chrono Cross was unfairly criticised though, because it very much wasn't Chrono Trigger, when I guess people were expecting it to be?

Both worth hours of your time.

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