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player given 70 match ban.


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An Austrian footballer has been banned for 70 matches for headbutting a referee.
Ismail Gunduz of amateur side SK Rum received the punishment after he reacted furiously to being shown a second yellow card in the 87th minute of a match against SPG Innsbruck West.
"We distance ourselves from Ismail Gunduz's behaviour," Rum coach Michael Messner told a local paper.
"He was thrown out of the club with immediate effect."
The suspension was imposed by the Tirol Football Association, which governs the Tirol Liga, the fourth division of Austrian football. The club was also fined 257 euros (£204).
"The barrier of 70 games is certainly a high punishment, but on account of the various witnesses' questionings also defensible," Tirol FA spokesman Horst Scherl told BBC Sport.
He added that Gunduz could have been banned for up to 78 matches.
Austrian player banned for 70 games http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/29110418
Talk about Zero tolerance.
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Looks like he has took advice from Saurez with regard to his defence.


Gunduz defended himself, claiming that he slipped. "This sentence is madness," he said.

"I will do all I can to return to the pitch."

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Some lad I used to know but whose name I've completely forgotten got a lifetime ban for kicking the referee in the bollocks.   He got sent off, lost it completely when he saw the red card and refused to leave the pitch. It took several people to drag him off and back to his car to cool down. Game restarted and it must have been going for two or three minutes when he ran back onto the pitch and hoofed the ref in the nards as hard as he could.  Game over man. 

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In fairness though, a 2 year ban for headbutting a referee is perfectly reasonable.


The level of respect referees are given by players in football as a sport is quite frankly pretty appalling. They should borrow a system from one of the myriad of other sports where only the captain is allowed to speak to the referee and any sort of dissent after a foul is given will either advance the ball up the field 10 yards, or alternatively overturn the foul if the dissenter is from the team that won the free kick,


The sort of attitude you see towards refs in the premier league filters down through every grade of football (that i've seen, anyway) and is, probably after the governing body, the worst thing about the world game.

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