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Switzerland v England Euro 2016 qualifiers


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Monday night.  



Sucks that Sturridge is injured, I'd have loved to have seen a front three of Sturridge, Sterling and Wellbeck, instead we will get the same old shit.  Mind you, we'd have got it even if Sturridge was fit, wouldn't we? 

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Draw would be a good result here, similar to Ukraine away last year.


Swiss have good players in midfield, Shaqiri, Xhaka, Berahmi and Inler, probably better than what England have nowadays. I also really liked their LB from the World cup Rodriguez.


Is Senderos in the squad?

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Rooney is pretty shot, lacks the explosiveness of yesteryear and has become predictable on the ball. 

He still scores goals though and that's the main thing for a striker, not to mention his work rate.



"But he's a number 10"



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Yes I can fully understand people not caring now but they will if we are not in the finals.  


I won't.


In fact perhaps it might make it more enjoyable? I certainly don't think the WC would have been any less enjoyable without England.


But above and beyond that perhaps if we failed to qualify it might actually really force the people that run the game in this country to really do something about trying to change it.


Because at the moment they play lip service to change, to doing something about it but in reality we are getting worse and worse as a football nation and have been for a number of years.


Hodgson and the players weren't the problem in Brazil they were just the symptoms of the problems in our game which run all the way back through the Premier League and our clubs down to the very roots of our game.


Unless someone does things about those ills in the game, and I don't believe Dyke and his talking shop will, then we will see even more apathy towards England.


So to be honest, I hope we lose tonight but even then we will probably qualify such is the fixed nature of qualification for international competitions.

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The FA will never see the Premier League as a problem. It's arguably the best run sports league on the planet. I can't say I really care. England is England. It's XI English players on the pitch same as how it's always been. 

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