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Yeah I thought they'd struggled as Monk's results weren't that great last season but they've started off very well.


Really nicely balanced midfield, pace in Routledge and Dyer and a strong three in Ki, Shelvey and Sigurdsson.


I still reckon they'd have been top 10 last season but for europe.


Must not lose Bony though.

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yeah doing well so far. tipped them to struggle but made a good start. need keep Bony or might be in trouble.


never understood why Dyer never got an England call-up before


I think Routledge is a better player tbh. Quite pleased to see he's settled there and become the player he threatened to be at Palace after about 100 moves.

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Been a very good start to the season for these boys hasnt it.


Montero looks terrific, I seem to remember him making a very good cameo against us last year but not a lot else. Looks a real threat right now though.


With Ayew and Siggurdson they look to have plenty of creativity and goals to cause most teams problems.


Also shout out to Shelvey who has looked excellent recently. A lot of people on here have given him pelters in the past but whenever I've seen him he looks very good.


Now I am going on highlights rather than watching Swansea play 90 mins every week but does he have big deficiencies I am not seeing?

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Shelvey will get into the England squad and become an important fixture in it, or at least he should.  He's very good, think this year will be his real breakout year.


I said earlier in this thread, they're a threat, they have goals in them, they're well drilled and have some dangerous players.


I'd love Villa to be like them, and that's about as big a compliment as I can give them.

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