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protect him ref

He deserves no more protection than any other player on the pitch to be fair


to be fair no other player is being so obvisoulsy targeted and launched every 2 minutes.


That's just because no other player has the skill with the ball to draw fouls like jack does, that's all. Better players get fouled more because they make the opponent think they can get the ball, then they move it when the defender has committed, and put themselves into the way to get fouled. There's nothing malicious about it from Hull, it's just that Jack's very good at controlling a football


rosenoir's "welcome to the game" tackle says otherwise.

thanks for the patronising though, been a long time. I'm aware he has good feet and that he beats the man to draw fouls. Look at rosenior's tackle again, I'm not convinced the others are all just innocently getting done, I think there's an element of leaving something on the lad.

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