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Weekends football 30/31 August


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Who was that Sandro guy who scored for Barca, new signing?


 I remember he played against Spurs in the Nextgen series for them a couple of years ago.

Scored twice and looked amazing for that level, wondered whether he'd take the step up


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he still looks really loose to me, a bit of the andi weimann never really in control or knowing what he wants to do with it, but obviously unlike weimann he probably is, it looks like an usual style, his finish vs man city last year showed it and his sitter after an amazing run today


was fuming when roy didnt even try him in his liverpool role for england in the summer, think it'll be more of the same, sterling on the right wing, welbeck on the left, not going to work, maybe when theo is back if he's on the right and sterling on the left we might find some balance, but then if we carry on shoe horning players in (like trying to accommodate sterling, sturridge, rooney and welbeck in the summer) he'll never be as effective

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