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Pre match thread


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Boring line up form a boring manager.

Our bench is more creative than the players starting. I fully expect more of the same dull football from the previous two games. Only this time Hull will probably score.

No Sanchez? Finding it hard to get into this team? Really?

Okore is gonna fade into nothing and probably be forgotten about by the end of the season. Gutted because I thought he would be a star here.


This team has 4 from 6 and conceded no goals. Sanchez wouldn't offer any more going forward so it's totally understandable he isn't being thrown in yet. Also, Okore is injured.

Sanchez was bought supposedly to provide a platform for other players to go and be creative. We bought him to toughen up and provide protection to our back four. We've played 2 games where our opposition have played shit. Are we supposed to believe Westwood and Delph are now strong as an ox and Sanchez isn't needed?

Our midfield will show its true colours very soon. It might not be today coz Hull aren't great going forward but it's coming.

Sanchez will be straight in next game as soon as we concede two or more


Well if Hull aren't great going forward, why is he needed today?

To allow Delph and Westwood to roam forward so we hopefully manage more than 0 shots on target

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