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Word Removed FC: The next experiment


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We've had how VT'ers would fair in the world of wrestling.

We've had how different animal species would do in a World Cup if they all had human brains.


This time, we're going to see how a group of amateur footballers would do if they miraculously managed to get placed into the Premier League. This amateur footballers?


You VT'ers of course!


The Rules!


1) This will be simmed on FM14. I'll try and post the match reports every game.

2) Anybody who wants to be involved will be involved. Just post your position and a couple of things you're good at and I'll put those stats up.

3) This isn't a dictatorship. If you're not happy with my management, tell me what formation and what players should be playing.

4) We need a badge and kit. Ideas?

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