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Sebastian Blanco (Metalist Kharkiv)


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This seems quite uninspiring, I can't Sebas(tian) the average stats in a below average league

[sebas sounds a bit like see pass? Thought I'd at least attempt a pun]

I don't think he'd be a bad signing. Offer competition and there are enough other options in that position to move him out of the team if he doesn't adjust to the league.

For that pun, we need a dislike button. :)

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Sarcasm isn't the lowest form of wit, it's the pun.

God, I hate them.

I actually don't mind a good pun, in a funny/unfunny way. The most annoying thing is when people realise that a specific word can be used in said pun, and it's then used over and over in a variety of different sentences. That's not funny, that's just a game of 'who can think of a sentence'.
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Bartelt wasn't our first Argentinian. You're forgetting the Arce brothers

Neither Oscar Arce  or his brother  actually played  for  Aston Villa when it was  discovered that  Oscar  was possibly no better than   a  circus  performer  capable of dribbling  and prodigiously  controlling the ball like  a  hacky sack but in fact was an awful footballer .


Over the years  there has been an urban myth  about  Oscar Arce  because at the time Aston Villa  also had a good Welsh International player, Barry Hole on  the team  and  the pub  rumours always  questioned  what it would look like  if Aston Villa signed Tony Brown  from the Baggies and played them all in the Midfield.


It would have read  Brown  Arce  Hole .


Gustavo Bartelt  was a loanee  from Roma  who  lasted a  whole  3 months   and was named  for the bench   once  and never played. 


So if Sebastian Blanco were  to  sign  for  us and actually was ITSOTP he would be   our  first Argentinian to wear a first team shirt.   

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