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It's pretty clear to me. On the front page it says USA Tour right next to full fixture list, click it and scroll down for times and info.

I see it! Just a couple of clicks away and below the information for the Zoo, the sculpture centre and the list of famous people from Dallas is the first bit of fixture detail. I presume the next match fixture is below half a dozen tourist sights and a list of famous people from Houston.


Glad to see priorities are in order.


Edit - Aha! I see they've now added the tour fixtures to the list of first team fixtures on the fixture list! MAybe they read this. :)

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All the games seem to be at 2am sadly, it does say there will be delayed full coverage of the games on AVTV but I ain't staying up.


Isn't it 1am?




Nvm my bad

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I can't find anywhere, on Twitter, the OS or FCDallas.com that says the game will be streamed.


Maybe they'll post something closer to the time.

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