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Sniper Elite III


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Thought I'd start a topic on this, which was out on Friday.


I loved the last one which was set in WWII Berlin, and has moved to the North African desert for this in what is again a WWII outing.  It really is nothing more than a sniping game, but it's beautifully realised, with slo-mo bullet cameras, and magnificently gory X ray shots of your bullet shattering some German captain's skull or turning his internal organs into mincemeat.  This one's quite a bit less linear than the last one as well, which is nice.


There's also the option to play it on a 3D telly, and that in my mind makes a great game, just absolutely brilliant.

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Is it better than the second one then? because that bored me to tears after about half an hour.


I'd say so, but then I enjoyed the second one, and it IS more of the same.  I can see why people don't like it, but I find it very playable.  Sneaking round and popping people off at range, and luring them into chain reactions of trip mines and dynamite, what's not to like?

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