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Official VT World Cup Prediction League: Round of 16


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Maybe we should award points for predictions about the standings.


Which would then change the standings, making the predictions wrong.


So then you'd have to change them back.


Which would make the predictions right again!



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VA did you notice that I had put my predictions for the second round games up until tonight in the thread for the final group stage predictions? Had to do it last week as I've been without internet since. Will keep the ones I predicted for tonight and tomorrow go for

Argentina 2 (pens) Switzerland 2

Belgium 2 USA 1

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We shall revisit my post on the 13th of July.


Let's revisit your post made from the original thread in the Games section on May 8 2014, shall we?



Posted 08 May 2014 - 09:47 AM

I honestly believe I will win this. In the words of Ben Johnson ''when the gun go off, the race be over''.  And no I'm not a cheat.


Just because we can, you know ;)
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Any chance of a premier league version next season ?

All those games, week in, week out? 


I think maybe the FA Cup or Champions League would be better. Far fewer games to keep track of.

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