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Official VT World Cup Prediction League: Round of 16


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A premier league one would surely be too much effort for you VA. I personally wouldn't be part of it but obviously it's up to everyone else if they wanted to be.

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Joint 2nd take that but will fall away tho. Race for CL is on everyone trying to win it has gone no doubt

I'm here with Andy Keenan who is yet to break his silence over Keenangate, the scandal that rocked VillaTalk only days ago.

Andy, have you any comment on the allegations brought against you?

Speak with my agent

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I have about to 5 minutes to do a potential change. Shall I do it?

In the word of Kevin Keegan when, in England's penalty shootout with Argentina in France '98, Brian Moore asked him, as he knew David Batty better than anyone, would Batty score: "YES".

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