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Bowyer vs Dyer: the important question.


If they hadnt been split up, who would have won.  

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  1. 1. If they hadnt been split up, who would have won.

    • Bowyer (by knockout)
    • Bowyer (on points)
    • Dyer (by knockout)
    • Dyer (on points)

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Bowyer seems a few brain cells short of a windowlicker, and as Roger Alan Wade once sang "If your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough".

I think had Barry not got involved Dyer would have been picking his teeth up off the pitch.

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Was wondering why Shearah was so supportive of Bowyer instead of with both? Going to be some coach, that chump.

Couldn't have happened to a better club. Ok, could've happened to Chelsea so I'd stop having to watch that sinical grin from Abromovich.

Still...laughing my arse off, what a joke. Just saw the highlite's on VillaWorld (I know).

and now for the positive- Vass and Angel are back!

I'd take Dyer, if he could survive the first two rounds. That's where Dyer's tone and fitness comes in. Reminds me of Marvelous Marvin Hagler v Thomas Hitman Hearns. My top three fights of all time. That first round was my favorite boxing round of all time. Damn, what a bout.

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