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Anyone play this?


Free to play with optional purchases available ofc


It's a 3rd person hack and slash shooter pretty good i enjoy it anyway we could make a Villatalk Dojo


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I played it on PS4 for a few days after a mate of mine waxed lyrical about the PC version (he has over 300 hours clocked up) but blimey does it get dull very, very quickly.

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it's shite.


Fair enough the creators of it do release a lot of updates and stuff, but it's so one dimensional..


All my nerdy, gay-ass ps4 friends play it, and it irritates the shit out of me when they talk about it.


"oooh, I've only got to wait another 4 years until my helmet is ready.."


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

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