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ConIFA World Cup


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So, the weekend just gone saw the final of the ConIFA World Cup, which was the World Cup for non-FIFA registered, er, places, ie random quasi-states and minorities.  The participants were:


Iraqi Kurdistan



Arameans Suryoye





Tamil Eelam

South Ossetia

Countea di Nissa, and of course,


the almighty Ellan Vallin.


The mighty Manxmen won their group which contained the County of Nice and Nagorno-Karabakh, before knocking Iraqi-Kurdistan out on penalties.  They then had a stunning victory over Arameans-Suryoye in the semis, before cruelly losing a penalty shootout England-style in the final to Countea di Nissa.


My mate's dad is the chairman of the unofficial FA in charge of the Ellan Vannin team, and he said it was absolutely brilliant.  The other teams helped with the fundraising to get the Darfur team involved, and all in all it was proper football, with not a hint of corruption or anything commercial.  I'm going to try to go to the next one, it sounds brilliant.

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