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so I bought this earlier today because I had a bit of a result yesterday, how the hell do you upload your game face?


It says download and apply game face but when I click on it it keeps saying I don't have one, I have used it on FIFA 14 and Tiger Woods etc so it should be on there, or am I missing something?

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How are you ultimate teamers getting on?


Bought the PS4 on Friday with Fifa and because I was previously X360 I've had to start from scratch with no loyalty packs or anything like that from playing the previous games.


Absolute bog standard team of bronze players to get me going. I've played around 6 games so far and won 5 so my coins are sitting at around 3k. I'm going to have to start doing a bit of trading to get me going because I'm already in division 9 so no doubt I'll be coming up against some decent teams soon. Luckily enough I've not played anybody with all gold/silver players yet!


That's because you're "new" so you'll be getting paired up against scrubbers to get you hooked.

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are there any sliders for the refs?


played about 10 games earlier about 4 of them were ruined by some horrendous ref decisions including a couple of penalties where i didnt press a button i just ran in to someone that fell over and one where i didnt press a thing and still managed to foul someone


i wont be playing any "fifa nights" on this, i'd end up putting the controller through the wall, its frustrating enough playing single player

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im trading it in, its even more broken than previous FIFAs, fixed nothing from the old ones but added some new bullshit


if the computer runs at you from midfield you'll switch to your CB at the exact moment that they play the ball, resulting in you stepping up and playing them onside, the defensive line in general is shocking

the crossing is utter wank and IMO unplayable without auto cross on, and still not very good with it on

you cant tackle in the box, you cant stand still in the box, anything you do is a penalty

the attacking is too easy on pro the defending is too shit on WC

the keepers make unnatural world class saves just to show off the new engine

the keeping the ball in the corner is possibly the most frustrating thing ever

even players with really high pass rating constantly pass nowhere near where im pointing 

penalties are shit


its the changing of the players at the wrong time that does me on the defending, over and over again

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Never had the chance to play pro clubs with an actual club, and not only random matchups with selfish 12 year olds, so would love to join the pro clubs on PS4. Name's Casek94. Pos: anywhere in midfield or attack if available. If not then RB.

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Have they increased the speed of the online seasons? Might be because it was played on snow but I couldn't even keep my eyes on the ball the pace was that quick.

Lol it is quick but my eyes can handle it. If you go into settings im sure you can change the gameplay speed



It's online v a random so I don't think you can change it. In the snow it was horrible to see what was going on.

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