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New Club Crest Ideas


New Club Crest?  

130 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you want a redesigned club crest?

    • Yes, the current one is rubbish
    • No, happy with current crest
    • Don't care either way

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I am supprised there is no poll for this yet but as i can't start one in VT i'll start one here. I would like to know the general view because it is getting a little confusing in the big thread.


Simple question, do you like the new badge?

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There's something in the simplicity of it that i'm starting to really like, I think because it doesnt actually look like a football badge, or at least any other. I could imagine it looking quite good on some of the casual wear and as a relatively small badge.

I posted last night how it could be a grower, i never imagined it to be this much though.

I dont understand how, but i really like it. :?

To emphasise just how confused i am about this, i actually voted 'no', before commenting.

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Lesson for the day: don't let the owners of the only team in the NFL without a logo or crest design one for your football club. I am now much less likely to buy the new kits. Bleh.

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1. The badge looks like it is drawn in 5 minutes by a 5 year old

2. The AVFC is just wrong, we are called Aston Villa Football Club

3. The Prepared font is very random, no class, very simple and "Microsoft Word-ish"

4. The lion looks like a skinny dragon, he has no claws for god's sake

5. The star also make the picture look messy, it could have been put in the middle of the lions' body, in the middle

6. The leg of the lion looks dislocated, it is way too long and looks very unprofessional.

I had three mates over for the CL game and one told me it just looked very boring. The other one said it looked like something sketched up by an infant and the last one told me it didn't look like a badge for a football team. I am very disappointed with the work put down for this badge, the control has clearly been way to low for this project and we should have been presented with a few mock-ups to decide, just like with the kits. I was incredibly open before the launch, I didn't really care at all but now I am just furious because I think it is very poorly executed. Sorry to say.

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I'm underwhelmed, but still letting it sink in. Off the top, I'd say I like the current one (and the old one) better than this. It's not terrible, though.

Nice that they left space for additional stars in the future.

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I went with No. Although against that claret background it is better, so it might surprise me on the kit.

Love the avatar Rocafella, made me actually LOL (oh dear)

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It could have been so much better but I have said that I like it in a way that parents with hideously ugly kids still love them. My love affair with Aston Villa will not stop because we have missed a trick with our new crest.

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It's the no's by a nose!

I voted no but I think on the shirt it'll be ok.

You aint seen the shirt yet...its orange with pink hoops

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